Don't just count your years, make your years count.

George Meredith

NSC extends its birthday campaign for ALL New Customers, all year long!


We at NSC have been running a campaign that fits in with our mantra of CELEBRATE YOUR SKIN, and due to the strong and positive reception it has recieved, NSC is now making it an all year affair! This Monthly Birthday celebration campaign will encompass the celebration of your LIFE with regards to adopting a lifestyle that will enhance your skin health.

To recap, if it happens to be your birthday on a particular month, you will immediately qualify for 50% off on your choice of treatment. Or you can also purchase any NSC treatment, also at 50% off, for friends for whose birthday it is, that month. And if you are lucky, you could also receive a surprise gift!

So spread the news to your friends, family and loved ones and grab this opportunity to look great and feel better!